Donate to the Shelter

All donations made by the community is appreciated. Each donation is put to good use by helping to provide for animals awaiting adoption at the animal shelter.

The most effective ways to donate to our shelter is:

  • send a monetary gift
  • purchase a gift card
  • select items of our Amazon Wish List.

County staff can use these funds to purchase items that are needed most at the shelter. This method helps provide a consistent type of food given to the animals at the shelter, as well as standard medications which are needed to keep the animals healthy.

Other donations which are helpful include:

  • dog bedding
  • cat bedding
  • leashes
  • pet toys
  • bowls for food and water.

At this time, donations should be made directly to the staff of Animal Services and Control. Checks should be made payable to “Currituck County” and either mailed or delivered in person to the animal shelter.

Our Wish List

For Our Cats

Purina Cat Chow (blue or green bag)
Purina Kitten Chow (yellow bag)
Disposable Cat Scratch Posts
Wet Cat Food – Preferably Pate
Soft Cat Toys

For Our Dogs

Canned Pumpkin
Quick Oats
Broth (low or no sodium)
Canned Dog Food

Print the Wish List (pdf)