Animal Services & Control

The Department of Animal Services and Control is responsible for operating the animal shelter and providing animal control services for the citizens of Currituck County. They handle all aspects of domesticated animal safety and welfare concerns. The staff is responsible for protecting the rights of animals in the community to ensure proper care and accommodations are provided.

Animal Shelter

Our modern shelter is attended by a dedicated staff that handles; adoption of pets, processes the release of picked up animals, educates the public on animal care and provides a clean and healthy environment for our shelter’s pets.

Volunteers from the community are always welcome to perform various tasks, including:

  • walking dogs
  • cleaning
  • feeding
  • and spending time

with the dogs and cats to help the animals’ socialization skills.

Animal Control
White dog and cat, nose to nose.
Officers are committed to enforcing the animal ordinances as mandated by the Currituck County Ordinances and the North Carolina General Statutes.

Officers respond to emergency and routine calls for assistance concerning the animals in the county. Staff also investigates reports of animal bites and quarantine the animal if necessary. They investigate cruelty and neglect reports as well as enforce the county wide leash law.