Foster A Rescue

Volunteers in the community may serve as foster parents to a pet awaiting adoption. Being a foster parent means providing a temporary home for a pet until a permanent home can be arranged. This can be a fulfilling experience for a pet and the foster family, and provides tremendous support to the animal shelter.

The Foster Program has two components:

  • Temporary Foster Parent

    Providing a temporary home for a pet. This may include animals who need regular medication due to an injury or sickness, or very young pets who need a more stable environment as they begin to grow and develop. A temporary placement helps prepare the pet for adoption into a permanent home.

  • Foster with Intent to Adopt

    Taking in an animal for two weeks to see if the pet and family are compatible for a permanent adoption. To foster an animal with the intent to adopt, a family must allow a home visit by staff of Animal Services and obtain a recommendation from a veterinarian.

    Fostering a pet can play a major role in helping an animal prepare for a permanent adoption. It also helps open more space and resources at the animal shelter for other animals in need of a home.

If you are interested in participating the Foster Program, please contact Animal Services & Control.