Moyock Small Area Plan

Moyock is rural by nature but has been experiencing steady growth for the last 50 years. In the last decade, Moyock has become the fastest growing township in Currituck County growing by approximately 122% since 1990.

Word art description MoyockIncreased development in this area not only brings pressure for increased residential development but also development of service type industries. With development come additional concerns about:

  • heavier traffic,
  • loss of open space,
  • increased stormwater runoff and drainage issues,
  • a need for enhanced police, fire, and rescue services,
  • and a demand for centralized water and sewer services.

The Moyock Small Area Plan (PDF) includes policies that will address growth management, sense of place and quality of life, and economic development. Upon its adoption on April 21, 2014 the plan is being used to assist staff and the Board of Commissioners in guiding growth, as well as planning for future county improvements to infrastructure and services.

Existing Land Use
A detailed map reflecting the current use of the property and wetlands.
Future Land Use

The map displays the vision and policies of the plan within the study area by visually showing where growth is directed.