Small Area Plans

Currituck County recognizes that many of the communities within the county can benefit from focused planning efforts through the creation of Small Area Plans.  Small Area Plans more carefully examine the local conditions and provide detailed recommendations with tailored solutions that are specific to the area.  Small area plans build on the Land Use Plan and provide a finer level of detail to address the area’s unique needs and opportunities.

The content of Small Area Plans vary, depending on the geographic area and purpose of the plan.  The plans typically include policies that address:

  • land use
  • transportation
  • community design
  • community heritage
  • infrastructure
  • public facilities
  • and the natural environment.

Small Area Planning really seeks to engage people on a close-up, personal scale examining the community’s needs and issues.  The result of this kind of process can be a richly detailed plan that has been heavily influenced by the community.