Airport Features

FAA Identifier

Currituck County Regional airport, located in Currituck, North Carolina FAA Identifier is KONX.

Our current FAA information is available on website.


Fees only apply to Jets, there are no landing fees for all other air craft.

After Hour Fees – 5:01 p.m. – 7:59 a.m.
$ 75.00 first hour
$ 25.00 each additional hour
Ground Power Unit (GPU)
$50.00 for start and first hour
$25.00 each additional hour
Landing Fee – No Fuel Purchase
*Fee waived with fuel purchase
Overnight Fee
$50.00 per night
*One night fee waived with fuel purchase
Automated Weather Observing System

The airport is equipped with an Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), a suite of sensors that measures, collects and broadcasts weather data to help meteorologists, pilots and flight dispatchers prepare and monitor weather forecasts, plan flight routes, and provide necessary information for correct takeoffs and landings.

Minute-to-minute updates are available to pilots by VHF radio at 119.775.

Each hour AWOS data is available to off-site users by telephone at 252-453-8939.

Height Restrictions

In May 2001, the County implemented a height restriction zoning ordinance to protect the airport’s airspace. The ordinance restricts the height of any new construction within certain defined zones around the airport.

The ordinance contains provisions that prevent the construction of towers or other obstructions to the airport’s airspace and imaginary surfaces as adopted from findings contained in the 2000 Airport Layout Plan Update.

Operational Information
FAA Identifier:
Annual Operations:
Weight Capacity:
Based Aircraft:

5,500’ x 150’
Concrete & Asphalt, Good Condition
Single Wheel – 35,000; Double Wheel – 47,500
Terminal Building

Amenities available in our terminal building are:

  • Spacious lobby
  • Vending area
  • Operations room
  • Office
  • Conference room,
  • Pilot lounge
  • Free WIFI
  • DirectTV
  • Catering Services
  • Courtesy Vehicles
  • Car rental services

providing to our citizens as well as pilots all the comforts found at many larger airports.

Additional Features

Courtesy cars and rental cars are available with advance notice.