Soil & Footing Inspections

There are several different types of soils in Currituck County, ranging from very poorly drained soils such as Cape Fear (Ca) to Conetoe (CnA), which is a well-drained soil.  Also found in some areas of the county are soils known as shrink swell.  A few of the soils located in our county are suitable for foundations and require no soil investigations when constructing a footing.

Some of these soils are what is known as moderate soils, in these areas the inspector will have to determine whether to require a soil test to determine the soil’s characteristics, in accordance with Section R401.4 of the 2018 North Carolina Residential Code.  In other areas the soils are considered unsuitable and in these areas a soil test will be required when the permit is issued and the footing will not be inspected until the report is received and any necessary engineered modifications are made.

We have created a soil map showing the three areas as mentioned above.  Please refer to this map when planning your project.  If your project is in an area with moderate soils we recommend that you get a soil test before constructing your footing.

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