Permit & Inspections
Fee Schedule

Revised July 1, 2023

Central Permitting FeesResidentialCommerical
New construction & additions$0.50 per sf$0.60 per sf
Alterations/Repair$0.25 per sf $0.30 per sf
Cell Tower Evaluation$1,000 minimum; actual cost for more complex evaluations
Decks$0.35 per sf$0.50 per sf
Detached Accessory Buildings$0.25 per sf$0.35 per sf
Fuel PumpsN/A$50.00 per pump
Fuel Tanks Above or Below GradeN/A$250.00 per tank
HVAC Change out (includes trade permits)$50.00$100.00
Metal Carport, pre-manufactured (Open, enclosed 50% or open on two ends)Greater than 400 sq ft $50.00$100.00
Wooden Carport, Pole Barns (Open, enclosed 50% or open on two ends)$50.00$100.00
Mobile Homes$0.35 per sf
Modulars$0.40 per sf$0.45 per sf
Trade Permits P M E G (new)$75.00 each$125.00 each / per suite
Trade Permits P M E G (alterations)$30.00 each$75.00 each / per suite
Solar array$50.00 base + $0.20 per panel$200.00 base + $0.20 per panel
County, State, Federal, Non-profitNo FeeNo Fee
Amusement rides, water slidesN/A$500.00 each ride
CAMA Minor Permit$100.00$100.00
Elevator (includes trade permits)$100.00$200.00
Fire AlarmN/A$100.00
Fire Sprinklers$50.00$100.00
Hot Tub (includes trade permits)$100.00$150.00
Minimum permit fee$50.00$100.00
Moving Permit$0.20 per sf$0.20 per sf
Retaining Wall$50.00 each$100.00 each
Swimming Pool (includes trade permits)    $100.00$250.00
SignsN/A$100.00 per sign
Temporary Construction OfficeN/A$100.00
Tent and Membrane Structuresgreater than 800 sq ft $100.00$200.00 per structure
TowersN/A$500.00 each
Waterway Structure$100.00$200.00
Projects that do not fall within the categories above shall be figured on a cost of construction basis as follows:
     $1.00 - $5,000$50.00$100.00
     Over $5,000 $10.00 per $1,000.00 $20.00 per $1,000.00
 Inspection Division FeesResidentialCommericial 
Re-inspection$75.00 per trip
$75.00 per trip
Working without a permitgreater of $50.00 or 25% of costgreater of $100.00 or 25% of cost
Private Schools / Daycare InspectionsN/A$100.00
ABC InspectionsN/A$100.00
Commercial Exhaust HoodsN/A$100.00 each
Generators (includes trade permits)$100.00$200.00
Change of Use (Includes new Certificate of Occupancy)$100.00
Mandatory Fire Code Permits$100.00
Commercial Pre-application Building Plan Review$100.00
Fireworks - Pyrotechnics$250.00
Express Permitting Fee (in addition to the regular permit fees)$25.00N/A
Emergency Electrical Service Repair$100.00$200.00
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy$100.00$150.00 for each space
Technology Fee$1.00 per application$1.00 per application
Permit Modifications to approved plans (Re-review)$25.00$50.00
Home Occupations$50.00N/A