Animal Proof Trash Receptacles Requirements

Enclosed Structures Ordinance (PDF)

Protecting local wildlife is a high priority for Currituck County – they are as much a part of the community as our human neighbors.  Recent wildlife interactions have highlighted the need to increase community-wide efforts and further protect our animal inhabitants. Recently Currituck County Board of Commissioners amended the Currituck County Code of Ordinance Sections 11-29 that protects the northern beaches wildlife, specifically wild horses, and other animals.

Enclosed Structure Ordinance Highlight
  • The owner of any property in the 4X4 Off Road zoning district shall construct an enclosure in which to store solid waste receptacles. Enclosure shall be:
    • 4 sided.
    • Constructed of wood, concrete, block, brick, or other material as approved by the building inspector.
    • Have sufficient ventilation.
    • Accessibility for sanitation company
    • Placed within 4 feet of right-of-way.
    • Made of a non-reflective, non-shiny black or brown or green structure resistant to rust, corrosion, or rapid deterioration,
    • Have a bottom and sides that are of sufficient size and strength to prevent wind, animals, or fowl from spilling solid waste from the receptacles.
    • Constructed to keep the bottom of the receptacles off the ground.
    • Have a cover over the top of the structure to prevent animals from getting into the receptacles.
  • This Enclosed Structure must be specifically designed and marketed by its manufacturer as being animal proof or animal resistant by virtue of containing qualities and features specifically designed to prevent animals from accessing its contents. The Public Works Director or his or her designee may also approve the Enclosed Structure as having sufficient animal resistant qualities or features.
  • Solid waste receptacles that meet the requirements of this ordinance need not be placed in an Enclosed Structure if they are placed curbside no earlier than 6:00 a.m. the morning of trash pickup. Solid waste receptacles not placed within an Enclosed Structure shall be removed from the curb by the property owner by the end of each day of trash pickup.
  • Any Enclosed Structure that has becomes dilapidated, rotten, rusted, or fallen into a state of disrepair or disuse shall be removed from the property by the property owner.
Who is Affected By The Ordinance

Owners, occupants, tenants, or lessees living in the 4×4 Off Road areas of the County utilizing a commercial service pick-up.

Any owner, occupant, tenant, or lessee disposing of his or her own solid waste at a county solid-waste facility shall not be required to construct an enclosure in which to store solid waste receptacles.

Enforcement and Fines
  • If placing the solid waste receptible curbside on the morning of trash pickup and its contents are spilled on more than one (1) occasion the Public Works Director or his/her designee may require the solid waste receptacle to be placed within an Enclosed Structure.
  • Any person violating this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.00 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days, or both.
Examples of Acceptable Enclosed Structures