Public Works

Buildings & Grounds

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and repairing all County owned and operated buildings, facilities and grounds. Services include but are not limited to:

  • structural
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • painting
  • heating
  • venting
  • air conditioning
  • refrigeration
  • signage
  • preventative maintenance
  • environmental support requirements

The department also helps prepare County buildings, and generators during hurricanes and other adverse weather conditions.

The Public Works  Department provides over-site on landscaping, grass cutting and lawn beautification services for all County owned facilities. Including planting of grass and flowers and the overall landscaping of County property in a way that prevents soil erosion and enhances the appearance and value of public facilities.

The collection and disposal of Solid Waste including Convenience Centers and the County’s Transfer Station is another duty of  Public Works. The Convenience Centers are currently manned and managed by Waste Management. The only Curbside Service through the County is in Corolla and is managed by Bay Disposal.

Every spring Public Works organizes a Household Hazardous Waste Event, which allows citizens to get rid of waste that is not easily disposed of at our current facilities.