Planning & Zoning Fees

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* Preliminary, amended preliminary, final, and amended final plats will be assessed at $33.00 per lot fee if the sketch plan was approved prior to March 3, 2003.

  • Planning Division
    Planning Division
    Administrative Adjustment $200.00
    CAMA Minor Permit$100.00
    Clear-Cut Permit $50.00
    Outdoor Tour Operator License$950.00per vehicle
    Site Plan - Major

    .10/square foot of Gross Floor Area;

    $400.00 Minimum
    Site Plan - Minor$200.00
    Subdivision - Major

    $50.00 Conservation & Development Plan

    $100.00/ Per Lot Preliminary Plat

    $250.00 Amended Preliminary Plat

    $250.00 Amended Construction Drawings

    $250.00 Amended Final Plat

    Subdivision - Minor$50.00
    Per Lot
    Sign Return Fee (Unlawfully placed signs) $25.00
    first 5 signs
    6-25 signs
    26 + signs
    Temporary Use Permit$50.00for Special Events
    Zoning/Flood Determination Letter$25.00
  • Board of Adjustment
    Board of Adjustment
    Appeal or Interpretation$500.00
  • Stormwater Development Review
    Planning Division
    Residential Fees
    Commercial Fees
    Stormwater Development Review Fee/Deposit:
          Minor site plan stormwater review *$1,500.00$1,500.00
          Minor subdivision stormwater review (up to 3 lots) *$1,500.00$1,500.00
          Major site plan stormwater review (single device) *$5,500.00
          Major subdivision stormwater review (4 - 20 lots) includes PP/CD *$5,750.00$5,750.00
          Major subdivision stormwater review (21+ lots) includes PP/CD *$7,500.00$7,500.00
          Major site plan stormwater review (multiple devices) *$7,500.00
          Major subdivision stormwater review - final plat/as-builts *$2,300.00$2,300.00
          Maintenance transfer report review *$1,600.00$1,600.00
          * must maintain $1,000.00 balance in escrow account
  • Planning Board
    Planning Board
    Conditional Rezoning $200.00 plus $5.00/Acre
    Development Agreement $300.00 plus $5.00/Acre
    Land Use Plan Amendment$500.00
    Planned Development $300.00 plus $5.00/Acre
    Text Amendment$300.00
    Use Permit or Amended Use Permit$300.00
    Zoning Map Amendment$200.00 plus $5.00/Acre
  • Literature and Materials
    Literature and Materials
    Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) $40.00
    2006 Land Use Plan$30.00
    Small Area Plans or Technical Documents$20.00
    Official Zoning Map (Copy)$10.00
    Public Copies - per page

          (black & white) 1 sided

          (black & white) 2 sided

          color - up to 8.5" x 14"


    Notary Fees

          Official County Business

    No Charge

    $5.00 Per Document