About Us

The Currituck County Board of Elections conducts federal, state, and county elections. This department has the overall responsibility for the administration of:

  • voter registration
  • electoral process
  • campaign finance disclosures

The Board of Elections operates under a 5-member board, appointed every 2 years by the NC State Board of Elections. The present board consists of:

  • Edward Ponton, Chair
  • Eldon Miller, Secretary
  • Geraldine “Gerry” Forbes
  • Dorothy “Dot” Johnson
  • Alice Malesky
Responsibilities of the Board of Elections
  • Conducts Federal, State and County elections
  • Registers all eligible voters who meet age and residency requirements
  • Tallies elections results
  • Appoints and trains precinct officials
  • Maintains records on registered voters and voting patterns in Currituck County

For more information on County Boards of Elections, is available at North Carolina County Board of Elections website.