Southern Outer Banks
Water System

Important Announcement for
Currituck Utility Customers

Directional Signs that state Important Announcement and Utility Customers

New Payment Office Location

To better serve the citizens of Currituck County we have moved our payment office to:

2878 Caratoke Highway,
Currituck, North Carolina 27929.

Please continue mailing utility bills to PO Box 220, Currituck, NC 27929.

Our new facility offers a full-service drive-thru window and night drop. The night drop box is located at the back of the building.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 252-232-2769.

The Southern Outer Banks Water System (SOBWS) serves the potable water needs of several communities on the Currituck Outer Banks. These communities include:

  • The Villages at Ocean Hill
  • Ocean Hill Section 1
  • Corolla Village Area
  • Whalehead Beach
  • Ocean Sands Water/Sewer District (OSWSD)
  • Ocean Sands Sections A, B & C
  • Spindrift
  • Corolla Light
  • Currituck Club
  • Monteray Shores
  • Pine Island

The system was completed in May 2005 and currently serves over 3000 customers.

New Customers

New customers wishing to apply for service must complete and sign a Water User Agreement and Water Connection Application. Mail completed forms to:

PO Box 220
Currituck, North Carolina 27929

When we receive your forms and fees, we will send you a receipt and an authorization to connect to the system. Please allow at least two weeks from the date we receive your application for your meter to be installed.

You must contract with a plumber to install your service line from the meter to the house, disconnect the well water supply and connect your service line to the house plumbing. Your property management company may be of assistance in this regard.

If you retain your well for other water usage (sprinkler systems, pool, outdoor shower, etc.), your plumber should ensure that the plumbing is kept completely separate from the plumbing that carries County water. This is to prevent backflow and cross-contamination. If a cross-connection is found, the meter will be locked.

Existing Customers

Customers who have previously signed up and paid fees must have a signed Water User Agreement on file before connecting. Please contact the office if you require assistance with this document. If a connection is made without a signed water user agreement, the meter will be locked.

Before connecting to the water system, customers should verify that their meter has been installed. This can be done by a visual inspection of the meter box by the customer, plumber or property manager.

For technical questions please contact:

Cody Edwards
SOBWS Superintendent
Phone: 252-453-2620
Fax: 252-453-2556