Department of Social Services

November 8, 2022 – Notice of Proposed Settlement in Franklin et al. v. Kinsley, formerly known as Hawkins et al. v. Cohen.

March 1, 2019 –  Hawkins v. Cohen (5:17-CV-581 E.D.N.C.) is a federal lawsuit filed in 2017 on behalf of Medicaid beneficiaries in North Carolina. This case concerns improper terminations of Medicaid benefits.

Read the lawsuit’s Public Notice in English or Spanish

The Currituck County Department of Social  Services is a county administered, state supervised service delivery agency funded by federal, state and county revenues.  The mission of the Currituck County Department of Social Services is to provide an array of essential social services to the citizens of Currituck County that will support self sufficiency and self-reliance through education and jobs that will endeavor to prevent abuse, neglect or exploitation of children or the elderly, and will support enhanced self worth.

A team of social workers, income maintenance caseworkers, management personnel, and support staff work to provide County citizens:

  • economic and Social Work services
  • public assistance programs
  • assisting families in achieving self-sufficiency
  • protects children from neglect and abuse and  investigates complaints
  • coordinates foster care, health support, and adoption services for children
  • licenses foster care homes
  • assists senior and disabled adults in their efforts to lead independent and productive lives
  • administers Food Stamp, Medicaid, Energy, and Work First Family Assistance program
  • protects elderly and disabled adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation, and investigation of these referrals
  • child care services