Shoreline Stability Study

Currituck County’s shoreline stability study began on March 2020 and consists of monitoring and assessing the County’s entire 22.6 miles of beach for a three-year period.

The goals for this study is to:

  • Better understand the changes that are occurring in the beaches
  • Assist the County in making informed decisions regarding beach management

Beach monitoring service occurred each year in the Spring.

Tasks associated with this include:

  • Beach profile surveys every 1,000 feet
  • Offshore bathymetric surveys out to a depth of 2,500 feet

Beach assessment occurred each year using the survey data obtained from the monitoring service.

Tasks associated with this included:

  • Assessment of volume and shoreline change trend
  • Projected shoreline changes into the future for a 30-year period
  • Vulnerability analysis.

The beach stability assessment has been completed.