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Residential Dwellings Fire Code

The North Carolina Fire Code is specific in its reference to the exemption of the occupancy of 1 or 2 family dwellings and the respect of one’s 4th amendment rights. The North Carolina Fire Code does regulate certain commercial uses in work/live environments such as:

  • beauty shops
  • barber shops
  • insurance offices
  • real estate offices
  • etc.

that are open to the public.

R-3 occupancies as:

  • Bed and Breakfast with eight or less bedrooms
  • R-3 daycares
  • personal hobby or crafts as home woodworking shops
  • etc.

would also be exempt from the North Carolina Fire Code.

Included in the scope of regulatory issues are fire apparatus access roads and required fire flows in 1 and 2 family developments.

The state Fire Code would also regulate certain open burning that is not regulated by North Carolina  Division of Environment and Natural Resources rules. Clear view violations such as, but not limited, to the storage and use of hazardous materials or conditions not normally used or found in typical residential environments may also be subject to the provisions of the fire code.