Ocean Sands Water
& Sewer District

Important Announcement for
Currituck Utility Customers

Directional Signs that state Important Announcement and Utility CustomersCurrituck County is in the process of upgrading our utility software. During the next few months you will see changes to the format of your utility bill and the information that you see on Citizens’ Self Service when you access your utility account.

With the upgrade it is necessary to adjust business hours and due dates as follow:

Offices Closed

With the upgrade our Utility Offices will be CLOSED between Monday, December 5 until Thursday, December 8, 2022 for the software conversion. During this time, online payments may be unavailable while the conversion is processing.

Payments can still be made by mail or nightdrop.

Future Location Payment Office

To better serve the citizens of Currituck we are moving our payment office to

2878 Caratoke Highway,
Currituck, North Carolina 27929

in the near future. This date will be posted as soon as it is available.

Ocean Sands properties are currently served by the Ocean Sands Water/Sewer District (OSWSD). This system will become part of the Southern Outer Banks Water System, but currently retains a separate rate and fee schedule.

Currituck County provides sanitary sewer service for over 1,000 sewer connections in the Ocean Sands development.  This service, established through the Ocean Sands Water and Sewer District, can treat 500,000 gallons per day of wastewater at the Ocean Sands Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The treatment plant was constructed in 1976 and will be replaced by a newer facility that will treat 600,000 gallons per day by Summer 2019.

Over 7 miles of underground piping and 8 lift stations make up the Ocean Sands wastewater collection system. Wastewater from homes flow through these pipes by gravity to a pump station.  The pump station then pumps it to the wastewater treatment plant where it gets treated and disposed.  Currituck County is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the collection system up to the homeowner’s property line.

The Currituck County Water Department administrative office provides billing and administrative services for the Ocean Sands Water/Sewer District.

The sewer treatment facilities are owned and operated by Currituck County Government.

Areas Served:

  • Ocean Sands subdivision, in the following sections:
    D, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q
  • Crown Point

As of May 2017, the system has 999 active connections.

Ocean Sands Water and Sewer District (OSWSD) Mast Plan Update – August 2008

The Master Plan update evaluates the infrastructure needs to meet the build out water and sewer demands for the existing OSWSD and the undeveloped areas of Ocean Sands under the following scenarios:

  • Alternative 1: Sections G and T are integrated into the OSWSD.
  • Alternative 2: Sections G and T develop separately and must meet their own water and sewer needs separate from the OSWSD.
Ocean Sands Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – January 2017

Upgrade of the existing treatment plant will be completed by January 2019.

Comprehensive Wastewater Master Plan for the Currituck County Southern Outer Banks – June 2011

Historically, wastewater on the Outer Banks has been managed by individual subdivisions. Due to
the challenges and concerns, Currituck County and Outer Banks Ventures (OBV) have decided to
evaluate the potential for regionalizing wastewater management on the Currituck Southern Outer
Banks. The purpose of this Comprehensive Wastewater Master Plan is to evaluate the feasibility of
a regional wastewater utility to serve the Currituck Southern Outer Banks.