Work continues to stabilize Old Jail

A project to stabilize and preserve the historic Old Currituck Jail recently included the addition of several new bricks. These bricks were specially made to match the original brick of the structure.

Currituck County has undertaken this project in order to protect the Old Jail, which sits next to the Historic Courthouse just steps away from the Currituck Sound. Both historic buildings have weathered many storms over hundreds of years. Currituck County aims to preserve these landmarks as part of the county’s distinguished history.

Currituck’s original jail was built after receiving legislative permission in 1767, it burned down in 1808. It was rebuilt in 1857 and is one of the four oldest jails in North Carolina.

The county hopes that in the future, after the stabilization project is complete, the interior of the Old Currituck Jail can be renovated and opened to the public as an educational and tourist attraction.