Jul 30,2018

Citizens who make online bill payments to Currituck County should be aware that payments made through a third-party vendor may be much slower than paying directly through the county’s online payment tool. The Currituck Finance Department encourages all citizens to utilize the bill-pay feature found on the Currituck County homepage at http://currituckcountync.gov.

From the county’s homepage, citizens will be linked to Currituck County Citizen Self Service online payment site at https://currituck.munisselfservice.com/citizens/default.aspx.

When using the Currituck County Citizen Self Service tool, there are no credit card fees for building permits or utility payments.  However, a fee is charged for E-Check payments and for tax payments.  Citizens will only need a log-in when paying for a building permit.  Tax or utility payments will not require a log-in.

Frequently, third-party vendors pop up in search engines when a citizen searches for online payments to Currituck County. Examples include https://www.doxo.com/bill-pay/currituck-county-water-dept-nc and https://www.doxo.com/info/currituck-county-water-dept-nc.

Vendors may send payments to Currituck County through the U.S. Postal Service, resulting in a delay in the county receiving the payment.  Currituck County staff does not have access to third-party processors and cannot process the payment until the vendor’s check is received in the mail.

Currituck County will accept payments from third-party vendors and citizens may use them if they are convenient for their needs.  But the public is advised that these vendors are in no way affiliated with Currituck County.  Citizens should pay attention to the URL they are accessing if they use a search engine.

Anyone with questions regarding bill payments may contact the Currituck Finance Department at 252-232-2381.