Jun 12,2024

Now that hurricane season has begun, Currituck County advises all county residents to prepare BEFORE a severe storm approaches the area. Being ready for hurricane season can help protect lives and property! The National Weather Service predicts an active hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, so all Currituck County residents should take steps to be prepared.

Currituck Emergency Management provides excellent information on hurricane preparedness. Important topics to consider and discuss with your family include:

  • Preparing an emergency safety kit.
  • Developing an evacuation plan.
  • Securing your property.
  • Having a safety plan for pets or farm animals.
  • Staying informed on local updates and weather forecasts.

Along with Currituck Emergency Management, other trusted sources of information include Ready.gov and the National Hurricane Center.

County residents should also sign up for Currituck Alert. This is Currituck’s mass notification system that sends important updates via text message, email, or telephone voice message.

Anyone with questions or concerns about hurricane season preparedness should contact Currituck Emergency Management at 252-232-2115.  Emergency Management also maintains a list of citizens who might need evacuation assistance if one is ordered.