Mar 06,2023

Currituck County was one of eight counties selected by the UNC School of Government to participate in an Adult Protection Multidisciplinary Team Workshop (MDT), held March 2-3, in Chapel Hill.

The purpose of the workshop was for participants to learn best practices for establishing a local MDT in the county. MDT’s are comprised of professionals from different disciplines who are committed to working together for the protection of vulnerable adults.  The MDT is tasked with reviewing specific, complex cases involving abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly and disabled adults with a focus on team collaboration to seek resolution.

The team will also work together to address systemic problems, service gaps and develop an internal education network for participating professionals. It will meet on a quarterly basis at the Department of Social Services in Currituck County and on an intermediate basis for emergent situations.

The mission, vision and values of the Currituck County MDT team are:

  • Vision:  A collaborative community determined to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable and disabled adults.
  • Mission:  Currituck County MDT exists to enhance the lives of vulnerable adults through services and education. We aim to stop abuse, neglect, and exploitation through proactive public action.
  • Values:  Currituck County MDT comes together to enhance the quality of life for vulnerable and disabled adults. When MDT members interact everyone’s voice is heard respectfully.

Currituck County MDT members,  from left to right: Samantha Hurd, Social Services Director; Lori Langley, Social Work Program Manager: Jasmine Wilson, Albemarle Commission Area Agency on Aging; Stacy Joseph, Aging/Senior Services Director; Ray Matusko, Clerk of Superior Court; Virginia Spivey, Victim/Witness Legal Assistant-District Attorney’s Office; and Jeremiah Hunter, Currituck County Sheriff’s Office Detective.