How to Obtain a 9-1-1 Address

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Your 9-1-1 address is extremely important to ensure quick response to your home or business in an emergency. It is important for your safety that you have a properly assigned and displayed 9-1-1 address.

Currituck County Geographic Information Services (GIS) is the county agency that assigns physical addresses to structures within Currituck County.

Addresses are typically only assigned to structures that are occupied (or able to be occupied in a short time period) as either a residence or a business.

Outbuildings such as:

  • garages,
  • shops,
  • storage buildings,
  • barns,
  • carports,
  • docks,
  • pools,
  • boathouses,
  • etc.

are generally not addressed. Vacant lots or empty land are also not assigned an address until such time as it will be developed. Exceptions are sometimes made when there are special circumstances.

In order to obtain a 9-1-1 address you must provide a site plan or survey of the property showing the location of the structure to be addressed and the location of the driveway or legal access to the property, to the Geographic Information Services department.

If you need an address for a vacant lot or empty land and do not have a site plan or survey, Geographic Information Services can provide you with an approximate and temporary address.

You must have a valid 9-1-1 address in order to proceed with the following county services:

  • Apply for a water connection
  • Apply for a septic permit

You do not need a valid 9-1-1 address to apply for a building permit. An address can be assigned while the permit is being reviewed using the site plan submitted with the building permit application.

Please contact Geographic Information Services (GIS) for any additional questions or clarification at 252-232-2034 or email