Knox Box Program

Currituck County recognizes the importance of commercial businesses using the Knox Rapid Entry Key Box System. This system allows the fire department after-hours entry to a property in the event of an emergency, or false alarm. This system is an advantage to property owners because it allows entry with no damage to your building.

Commercial Knox Box on a brick wall.A key box (Knox Box) is required for all new commercial occupancies and multi-family properties per North Carolina Fire Code 506.1. Existing businesses are encourage to obtain a key box for their business but are not required.

How To Order A Knox Box
  • Visit the Knox website
  • Select North Carolina as your state.
  • Enter “Currituck Co Fire-EMS” for Department
  • Select Currituck Co Fire-EMS
  • You have 2 options to choose from:
  • Select the appropriate lock box and complete your order (Commercial Knox Boxes will be mostly the one chosen unless you have a gate or elevator).
  • Your order will be reviewed and approved by the Currituck Fire Code Official and then shipped upon approval from merchant.
  • After your box is received and installed please call or email,
    Captain Chris Bailey
    Fire & Emergency Medical Services
    252-232-7746 ext.4001
    for the securing of your keys in the box.
  • You may also contact your local Volunteer Fire Department for securing the keys to your occupancy.
Types of Knox Boxes

Knox Box
Type Model Number
Mounting Specifications

Lock Box
Size Standard : Model 3200
Size Large : Model 4400
  • Should be mounted 5 feet from the floor to center of box
  • Easily visible and close to the natural entrance of structure

Elevator Knox Box
Model 1403
  • Should be mounted 5 feet from the floor to center of box
  • MUST be located on the lowest floor of Fire Department (FD) Dispatch (location of elevator recall)
  • MUST be located in elevator lobby
  • Preferably to the right of elevator
  • MUST contain elevator key AND fireman’s key

Knox Pad Lock
Padlock: Model 3771

Gate / Key Switch
Gate/ Key Switch: Model 3501

North Carolina State Building Code: Fire Code: Section 506

Key Boxes 506.1

Where required. Where access to or within a structure or an area is restricted because of secured openings or where immediate access is necessary for life-saving or fire-fighting purposes, the fire code official is authorized to require a key box to be installed in an approved location. The key box shall be of an approved type and shall contain keys to gain necessary access as required by the fire code official.


Locks: An approved lock shall be installed on gates or similar barriers when required by the fire code official.


Key box maintenance: The operator of the building shall immediately notify the fire code official and provide the new key when a lock is changed or re-keyed. The key to such lock shall be secured in the key box.