Employee Position Classification Plan

The pay plan includes the Salary Schedule and the assignment of classes to salary grades and ranges adopted by the County Commissioners. Changes in the Position Classifications Plan’s will are reevaluated with each new budget.

For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2023.  Updated July 1, 2022.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

51 $31, 824.00$32,460.48$33,109.69Senior Center Site Manager
52 $32,460.48$33,109.69$33,771.88Maintenance Helper
Park Attendant
Rural Attendant
53 $33,109.69$33,771.88$34,447.32Aging Senior Services Administration Supervisor
Animal Care Technician
Community Social Services Assistant DSS
DCI CP/Clerk
Deputy Register of Deeds
Library Assistant I
Recreation Assistant
Secretary I
54 $33,771.88$34,417.32$35,136.27Line Maintenance Mechanic Helper ^
Library Assistant II
Maintenance/Repair Worker
Meter Reader
EMT Basic/Firefighter ^
Lineman - Airport
Processing Assistant IV
Public Information Assistant IV
Tax Clerk
Utilities Customer Service Representative
Visitor Relations Coordinator
55 $34,447.32$35,136.27$35,838.99Detention Officer
Permit Officer
56 $35,136.27$35,838.99$36,555.774H Program Assistant
Accounting Clerk
Animal Control Officer
Assistant Promotions & Events Coordinator
Assistant Register of Deeds
District Administrator
F&C Sciences Associate
Human Resources Clerk II
Income Maintenance Caseworker I
Library Associate I
Telecommunicator Trainee
57$35,838.99 $36,555.77$37,286.89Intake Officer
Permit Technician
58 $36,555.77$37,286.89$38,032.63Administrative Assistant I
Line Maintenance Mechanic
Park Superintendent
Processing Assistant V
Public Information Assistant V
Receptionist/IT Administrative Assistant
Telecommunicator I
Tourism Promo & Event Coordinator
Utilities Customer Service Supervisor
59 $37,286.89$38,032.63$38,793.28Courthouse Security Officer
Deputy Director of Elections
Rural Center Director
Shelter Manager
60 $38,032.63$38,793.28$39,569.14
61 $38,793.28$39,569.14$40,360.53Deputy Tax Collector
EMT/Advance ^
Education Specialist – WRC
Evidence Technician
Income Maintenance Caseworker II
Maintenance/Repair Worker HVAC
Maintenance/Repair Worker/Electrician
Sales & Marketing Associate
Social Worker I
Telecommunicator II
Visitor Relations Specialist
Wastewater ORC Trainee ^
Water Plant Operator Trainee ^
62 $39,569.14$40,360.53$41,167.74
63 $40,360.53$41,167.74$41,991.09Sergeant Detention Officer
64 $41,167.74$41,991.09$42,830.91Administrative Assistant II
Athletic Grounds Manager
Building Inspector I ^
Code Enforcement Officer
Distribution Operator ^
Human Resources Assistant
Recreation Specialist
Rural Center Director
Support Technician
Wastewater Operator ^
Water Plant Operator ^
Water Plant Operator/Lab Technician ^
65 $41,991.09$42,830.91$43,687.53Deputy Sheriff - Trainee ^
66 $42,830.91$43,687.53$44,561.28Firefighter/EMT Basic ^
Income Maintenance Caseworker III
Income Maintenance Investigator II
Library Associate II
Planning Technician
Communications Training Officer
67 $43,901.69$44,779.72$45,675.31
68 $44,999.23$45,899.21$46,817.20Accounting Technician
Accounting & Payroll Technician
Building Inspector II probationary/ FQ Inspect I ^
** E Body
Development Technician
EMT Paramedic/Firefighter ^
Planner I
Public Relations Coordinator
Tax Appraiser
Visitor Center Supervisor
69 $46,124.21$47,046.69$47,987.63Deputy Sheriff - Certified ^
70 $47,046.69$47,987.63$48,947.38Administrative Officer I
Cross Connection ORC ^
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
Deputy Sheriff Certified - SRO ^
EMS Training Officer ^
Fire Training Officer/Recruitment Coordinator ^
Income Maintenance Supervisor II
Lieutenant Detention Officer
Fire Marshal
Lieutenant - EMS ^
Risk Manager
Social Worker II
Stormwater Technician
Water Distribution Supervisor Trainee ^
71 $48,222.86$49,187.32$50,171.06Communications Supervisor
Firefighter EMT/Advanced ^
Maritime Museum Manager
72 $49,428.43$50,417.00$51,425.34Building Inspector III probationary/FQ BI II ^
Creative Director
GIS Specialist
IT Coordinator
Permit Coordinator
Planner II
Wastewater Supervisor ORC ^
Water Distribution Supervisor ^
Web/AV Specialist
73 $50,417.00$51,425.34$52,453.85Detective I ^
Senior Deputy Sheriff ^
74 $51,425.34$52,453.85$53,502.93Contract Purchasing Agent
Deputy Sheriff /School Resource Officer ^
Detective II ^
Fiscal & Budget Assistant
Operation Manager - Public Utilities
Operations Manager - PW/Solid Waste
Sheriff Civil Processing Deputy ^
Sheriff Corporal ^
Site Manager/Curator
Social Worker III
Social Worker Invest/Assess Treatment
Soil & Stormwater Manager
75 $52,453.85$53,502.93$54,572.98
76 $53,502.93$54,572.98$55,664.44Aging Senior Center Director
Animal Services and Control Director
Building Inspector III FQ ^
Director of Elections
Engineering Technician
Firefighter EMT/Paramedic ^
Maintenance Supervisor
Social Work Supervisor II
Water Treatment Plant Supervisor ^
77 $54,572.98$55,664.44$56,777.73
Fire Lieutenant ^
Jail Superintendent
Senior Planner
Sergeant ^
79 $56,777.73$57,913.29$59,071.55
80 $57,913.29$59,071.55$60,252.98Assistant to the County Manager
Captain - EMS ^
Director of Photography
Project Coordinator
Public Information Officer
Senior Inspector ^
81 $59,071.55$60,252.98$61,458.04
82 $60,252.98$61,458.04$62,687.20Marketing & Communications Director
Social Worker Supervisor III
Wastewater Superintendent ^
Water Superintendent ^
83 $61,759.31$62,994.49$64,254.38Lieutenant - Sheriff ^
Social Work Program Manager
84 $62,994.49$64,254.38$65,539.47
85 $64,254.38$65,539.47$66,850.26Administrative Assistant/Clerk to the Board
86 $65,860.74$67,177.96$68,521.52GIS Coordinator
87 $67,177.96$68,521.52$69,891.95Chief Building Inspector ^
88 $68,521.52$69,891.95$71,289.79
89 $70,234.56$71,639.25$73,072.03Captain- Sheriff ^
Risk Management Administrator
Tourism Director
90 $71,639.25$73,072.03$74,533.47
91 $73,072.03$74,533.47$76,024.14Airport Director
Assistant Planning Director
Recreation Director
Fire and EMS Captain ^
92 $74,533.47$76,024.14$77,544.63Chief Deputy - Sheriff ^
93 $76,396.81$77,924.75$79,483.24Tax Administrator
94 $78,306.73$79,872.86$81,470.32Public Utilities Superintendent ^
95 $80,264.40$81,869.69$83,507.08Director of Social Services
Project Engineer
96 $81,869.69$83,507.08$85,177.22Public Utilities Director ^
Emergency Management Director
97 $83,507.08$85,177.22$86,880.77Deputy Chief - Fire/EMS ^
98 $85,177.22$86,880.77$88,618.38Assistant County Engineer
Assistant Finance Director
Human Resources Director
Public Works Director
99 $86,880.77$88,618.38$90,390.75
100 $89,052.78$90,833.84$92,650.52
101 $91,279.10$93,104.69$94,966.78IT Director
102 $93,561.08$95,432.30$97,340.95Chief of EMS ^
103 $95,900.11$97,818.11$99,774.47Planning Director
104 $98,297.61$100,263.56$102.268.84
105 $100,755.05$102,770.15$104,825.56
107 $105,339.41$107,446.20$109,595.12Senior Planning Director
Development Services Director
108 $107,446.20$109,595.12$111,787.02Public Utilities Director
109 $109,595.12$111,787.02$114,022.76Assistant County Manager
110 $111,787.02$114,022.76$116,303.22
111 $114,022.76$116,303.22$118,629.28
112$116,873.33$119,210.80$121,595.01Finance Director
County Engineer
Italics indicates exempt status
^ indicates position eligible for incentive increase(s)
**E Body Grade is Dependent upon State Certification Level
The following positions are not on the Grade/Step table. These salaries are set by the Board of Commissioners.

County Manger
Register of Deeds