Currituck County does not operate pre-storm hurricane shelters.  If an evacuation is ordered, the County will coordinate with an inland host county for sheltering.  Information regarding inland county shelter openings will be publicized as it becomes available.

Post-hurricane shelters will be opened when needed and as soon as a site has been inspected and found to be safe and suitable. Shelters are operated by the Department of Social Services and/or the American Red Cross.

Residents will be instructed to bring:

  • medications,
  • blankets and pillows,
  • special foods/formulas for children,
  • comfort items,
  • and a supply of food for personal consumption.

Currituck County does not operate a companion animal shelter.  The County may operate a post-event animal shelter that will house the companion dogs and cats of shelter residents depending on resource availability.

Shelters may also be opened for extreme winter weather, long-duration power outages or following severe weather.

The County does not have safe rooms/shelters for tornadoes.