County Attorney

The County Attorney is hired by and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners. The County Attorney represents the County’s interest, including its County Officials and employees, in litigation filed by or against them, on a broad range of issues.

Responsibilities of the County Attorney’s Office
  • Practices governmental law, including but not limited to public finance, land use, public records, tax, open meetings, and condemnation
  • Ensures that County activities conform to constitutional and statutory requirements
  • Prepares all ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Board of Commissioners
  • Prepares legislation proposed by the Board of Commissioners for enactment by the General Assembly
  • Responsible for drafting, review, interpretation and preparation of all county legal documents
  • Represents the County in Civil Litigation filed by or against the County, including its officials and employees
  • Advises the Board of Commissioners on substantive and procedural issues pertaining to their public duties as elected officials
  • Ensures the legality of County contracts, financing arrangements, employment policies, etc.
  • Conducts In-Rem tax foreclosures working in conjunction with the Tax Department
  • Advises on various legal questions presented by County Departments

The Clerk of Court, Currituck County handles traffic citations, Criminal matters, Civil cases, Court Dates and Small Claims. For information regarding these types of matters, please contact the Clerk of Court, Currituck County at 252-232-6200.

The County Attorney does not provide legal advice or representation to citizens on any matter.  Citizens must seek legal advice or representation from a private practice attorney: