Currituck considering creation of Moyock watershed district

The Currituck County Board of Commissioners is considering the creation of the Moyock Township Watershed Improvement Service District. A public hearing will be held in the Historic Courthouse on June 7, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

Citizens are invited to attend the public hearing to offer comments regarding this proposed service district.  Comments may also be submitted via email to LeeAnn Walton, Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, at

The intent of the service district is to provide a comprehensive approach to storm water management in Moyock. This district will allow for maintenance and improvements to be made throughout the entire area identified on the map.

Currently, there are three small watershed service districts which serve just over 19 square miles. This leaves approximately 32 square miles not served by a district.  To improve overall drainage in Moyock and provide a higher level of service, a larger area needs to be addressed through consistent ditch maintenance and expansion projects.

The Moyock Township area contains nearly 90 miles of ditches that require regular maintenance to effectively handle storm water runoff.  A comprehensive approach will allow for systemwide improvements and help alleviate drainage problems in underserved areas. The proposed district will enable the county to complete more improvement projects, engineered studies, ditch widening, and sediment removal.

Residents and property owners in the three current service districts would only pay the supplemental tax to the new service district, as the smaller districts would be dissolved upon its creation. If approved by the Board of Commissioners, the service district would be effective July 1, 2021.

Service District:  A defined area within a county in which an additional property tax is levied in order to provide extra services to the residents or properties in the district.  A service district is not a separate government.  It is simply a mechanism whereby a local government may raise money to pay for services or projects from those property owners that most directly benefit from the services or projects.  The North Carolina Constitution authorizes the General Assembly to permit counties to define special service districts within their borders and to levy additional taxes in those areas to provide services or facilities that are not offered throughout the entire county.