Communications Plan

The role of the Public Information Office is to maintain mutually beneficial relationships between County Government and the many public it serves.

A well-thought-out public information plan will help ensure that County Government carries out its mission and meets its goals with the support of its staff and community.

Therefore, the Public Information Office shall make every effort to:

  • Keep the public informed about the policies, administrative operation, objectives, and programs available to citizens.
  • Provide the means for full and accurate information, together with interpretation and explanation of the County’s plans and programs.
  • Adhere to a policy of openness and honesty in communicating with citizens, staff, news media, and other organizations.
  • Make available background materials to the public and news media, when requested; however, this excludes confidential material, to be defined as materials regarding negotiations, sale and purchase of properties, legal matters, and sensitive personnel matters.
  • Establish and support appropriate and effective internal communications, as well as employee recognition.
  • Have publications prepared as needed to keep citizens informed about County services, needs, costs, achievements, revenues, and expenditures.
  • Utilize cable television Government and Education channels to disseminate information about County services, programs, and policies, as well as to post announcements of upcoming events, educational opportunities, and emergency advisories.
  • Facilitate the maintenance of the County’s website, with support of the departments.

To ensure that citizens and staff have an opportunity to be informed about their County Government, the Public Information office will, among other functions:

  1. serve as a liaison between the County and the news media;
  2. support, plan and execute appropriate direct communications between the County and citizens;
  3. assess the public’s knowledge and attitudes about County Government, and use this information in refining a communications plan;
  4. assist in ensuring that each County Department provides the best customer service possible;
  5. assist with the publicity of all County events and programs as requested.

A Public Information program is a planned and systematic management function designed to help improve the programs and services of an organization. It relies on a comprehensive two-way communications process involving both internal and external public, with a goal of stimulating a better understanding of the role, objectives, accomplishments, and needs of the organization. Governmental Public Information programs assist in interpreting public attitudes, identifying and helping shape policies and procedures in the public interest, and carrying on involvement and information activities which earn public understanding, support, and confidence.