Prepare now for hurricane season

May is an excellent time to make preparations in case any severe tropical storms head towards Currituck County this year.  The National Weather Service recognizes June 1 as the beginning of hurricane season, so take time now to prepare!

Important steps to get ready for hurricane season include:

  1. Determine your risk.  Understand the hazards brought by hurricanes to Currituck County, such as storm surge and flooding.
  2. Develop an evacuation plan.  Know where you’ll go, what you’ll do with your pets, and coordinate with family and friends.
  3. Assemble an emergency safety kit.  This should include food, water, medicine, cash, insurance documents, and spare clothes.
  4. Check to make sure your home and vehicle insurance information is up to date.  Visit for more information.
  5. Create a checklist to prepare your home and property for approaching storms, such as covering windows and securing loose items.
  6. Help your neighbors.  Check in with their welfare before and after the storm.
  7. Write down important points to your plan and document possessions with photos or video.
  8. Know how to stay informed of weather forecasts and local alerts. Each time a storm is forecast to possibly affect Currituck County, local updates will be posted on the county’s website, Facebook, and Twitter resources. Citizens should also sign up for Currituck Alert.  This resource allows the county to send local alerts via text message, email, and voice-recorded messages.

There are many factors involved in hurricane season.  If you have any questions regarding hurricane preparedness, contact Currituck Emergency Management at 252-232-2115.

You should also contact Emergency Management if you:

  • Feel that you or a family member may need evacuation assistance.  Currituck County offers free evacuation assistance for citizens with specific medical or transportation needs.
  • Would like serve as a volunteer after a storm has impacted Currituck County.  There are many roles that volunteers can fill to help others in the community.
  • Have questions regarding the re-entry procedures following an evacuation for residents, businesses, and employees of Corolla.