Operation Santa helps more than 500 local children

Thanks to widespread community support, the 2018 Operation Santa Claus provided Christmas gifts to hundreds of local children in Currituck County.   In addition, the program delivered food baskets to many senior citizens in the county.

Operation Santa Claus, directed by the Currituck County Department of Social Services (DSS), raised a total of $15,234.13 in Christmas assistance funding for children and an additional $1,886 for disabled adults. Through a combination of financial contributions, donated goods, and partnership with Toys for Tots, Operation Santa provided Christmas presents to 539 children in Currituck County. Operation Santa also received enough donations from local businesses and citizens to provide food baskets for 30 senior citizens.

“DSS would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the local businesses and private individuals for their generous donations,” said Samantha Hurd, Currituck DSS Director. “We would also like to acknowledge several volunteers who shared their time and talents without any compensation, including Dawn Smith, Joey Davidson, Nathan Large, Clint Blandford, and Ardell Waterfield.

The Toys for Tots program provided a huge assistance to Operation Santa Claus by helping to gather toy donations and arrange gifts for children. Two very successful toy drives were also arranged by Davidson and Large, and Large was instrumental in helping Operation Santa solicit monetary donations from the community.

Currituck County thanks everyone who made a donation and volunteered their time to Operation Santa Claus in order to help everyone in our community enjoy the holidays!