Hurricane season safety tips and reminders

It’s summer in Currituck County and, unfortunately, that means it’s another hurricane season. Currituck County encourages all residents and property owners to stay informed on weather alerts and remain prepared in case a severe storm comes towards the area. Important steps citizens can take to help prepare for hurricane season include:

(1)  Utilize Reliable Sources of Information:

(2)  Assemble an Emergency Safety Kit

A good safety kit should include supplies to last each person for a minimum of three days. Suggested items include food, bottled water, medicines, prescriptions, radio, batteries, phone charger, clothes, personal hygiene items, and cash. Also, remember to include pet supplies for household animals.

(3)  Plan to Safeguard Your Home

It’s wise to make checklists of tasks you’ll need to complete prior to storm. Making checklists ahead of time helps to ensure that no task is overlooked. This may include securing loose outdoor items, covering windows, securing doors, moving boats to safe locations, and moving valuables in your home to higher floors or locations. You may also want to take photos or video of your home and possessions prior to a storm for insurance documentation.

(4)  Check on Your Insurance

Contact your insurance agent to make sure your home and property is covered. You may also consider acquiring flood insurance, which is typically not included in a standard home insurance policy. Currituck County can provide information on the National Flood Insurance Program for local property owners. It’s also a good idea to keep your insurance documents in a waterproof container and take these documents with you during an evacuation.

(5)  Develop an Evacuation Plan

Plan ahead of time where you will go if an evacuation is ordered and share this plan with family and friends. When you evacuate, you should take your emergency safety kit and household pets with you. If you feel that you might need evacuation assistance, contact Currituck County Emergency Management at 252-232-2115. The county can help provide evacuation transportation for citizens who do not have their own transportation or have special medical needs.

Currituck County does not open any public shelters before a storm due to the threat of flooding at county facilities. Also, remember that the Animal Shelter does not accept pets from citizens who are evacuating, so please take your pets with you.

If an evacuation occurs, county residents and property owners may use their Currituck County Solid Waste Permit decal as a re-entry permit into Corolla and the 4WD area after the storm. Following the evacuation, county officials and law enforcement will announce when certain areas are considered safe and reopened to the public.

If you have any questions about hurricane season preparedness, contact Currituck County Emergency Management at 252-232-2115. Stay ready and be safe!