Hurd Completes Multi-Year Directors’ Program

Congratulations to Samantha Hurd, Director of Currituck County Department of Social Services, for successfully completing a three-year professional development program. Hurd was recognized on Oct. 23, 2020 for achieving all requirements of the Director Academy, offered by the North Carolina Association of County Directors of Social Services.

Hurd has served as Director of Currituck Social Services since 2017.  Chuck Lycett, Director of Dare County Social Services, announced her achievement and presented Hurd with a plaque during a meeting of the Social Services Advisory Board.

The Director Academy provides opportunities for local directors to learn about Social Services leadership and gain valuable professional development experience.  It contains six modules of instruction, including Human Resources Management, Budget and Fiscal Management, Leadership and Program Administration, Working with your Governing Board, Media Relations, and Managing Social Media for your Agency. Participants must also complete a final presentation to an official review committee of the association.

Hurd presented her final requirements in September 2020. Throughout the 36-month process, Hurd was mentored by Clifton Hardison, Director of Washington County Department of Social Services.

“Samantha has strong leadership skills and managerial maturity beyond her current years. She is an intelligent, caring, determined leader who will be a large part of the NCDHHS blueprint for administering services to the public,” Hardison said.

PHOTO:  Samantha Hurd, left, receives her Director Academy plaque from Chuck Lycett on Oct. 23, 2020.