Currituck Helps Provide Relief for Eagle Creek Residents

In response to the operational failure of a private utility, Currituck County has coordinated with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, NC Baptists on Mission, Currituck County Schools, Envirolink Inc., and the Eagle Creek Homeowners Association for the delivery of mobile shower and laundry facilities to the Eagle Creek community, located in Moyock.  The Eagle Creek wastewater utility, which is owned by Sandler Utilities at Eagle Creek, LLC and operated by Envirolink Inc., suffered a failure of the system’s vacuum pumps. Repairs are ongoing and officials from Envirolink estimated today that approximately 183 homes remain without wastewater service.

At the Oct. 5, 2020 Board of Commissioners meeting, Eagle Creek residents expressed concerns about their failing utility system. Currituck County responded on Oct. 6 by initiating conversation with the N.C. Emergency Management office regarding possible relief resources for citizens. Also, on Oct. 6, the Currituck YMCA agreed to allow Eagle Creek residents to use the showers and restrooms at its facility.

As of today, Oct. 7, Currituck County has finalized a plan in which the NC Baptists on Mission, based in Cary, N.C., will place one 6-stall shower trailer and one 8-unit laundry trailer at Moyock Middle School. Volunteers will accompany the trailers to provide appropriate COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting after each use.

These resources will be in service as soon as possible. Currituck County is supplying the water required to operate the shower and laundry trailers and plans to seek reimbursement from Sandler Utilities for this water usage.  Despite having no authority or jurisdiction regarding this private utility, the county has partnered with these other groups to help bring relief to the residents of Eagle Creek.

In addition, the Soil and Water Conservation District Office in Currituck County is monitoring the drainage ditches in the Eagle Creek and greater Moyock area for the presence of contaminants related to the utility failure. Currently, there are none to report.

Eagle Creek residents who have concerns regarding property damage or sewage cleanup should contact the Envirolink Inc. customer service department at 888-754-9878.