County proceeding on Moyock park construction

The Board of Commissioners has approved construction of the new recreational park to be built in Moyock. Work will begin in March on Shingle Landing Park, which will feature a number of amenities for guests of all ages to use and enjoy.

The park’s features will include a traditional playground for children as well as a “natural playground” that will include realistic-looking structures to mimic a wooded play area. These play areas will have rubber mulch surrounding the equipment to enhance child safety. For older park visitors, a set of three pickleball courts is being included. There will also be plenty of open lawn space, a restroom facility, bike racks, benches, picnic tables, and parking areas.

The county will supplement the current vegetation with an extensive amount of plantings to include varieties such as sycamore, oak, birch, bald cypress, black walnut, crabapple, and crape myrtle. Large swaths of reforestation will be included throughout the property to replace trees cleared during construction. The park’s landscaping plan also includes a significant number of shrubs with mulch to be installed across the facility.

Look for updates and construction photos on the county website and Facebook page as progress is made on this exciting project!