County Addressing Water Discoloration

The Currituck County Water Department continues to flush water lines throughout the county in order to rid the system of discolored water that occurred unexpectedly during a recent maintenance procedure. An advisory to boil water was not necessary because all water was treated before it left the plant and testing did not result in dangerous levels of bacteria or other matter.

This flushing process is working, but it involves millions of gallons of water and takes time. It must be done systematically so there is an uninterrupted water supply for customers and fire protection.  The water provided by the county remains safe to drink and will not damage appliances or water heaters.

For citizens who had issues with laundry becoming stained by the water, Currituck County has obtained a shipment of CorrBrite stain remover. Bottles of CorrBrite are free for residents to pick up at the Mainland Water Plant in Maple during regular business hours. Please call ahead to make sure a bottle is available. The county can order more if supplies run out. And be sure to read the directions for proper use of CorrBrite on the back of the bottle before using it with your laundry.

Thank you for your patience during this situation. If you have further questions, contact the Water Department at 252-232-2769.