Corolla Village Rd. handicap beach access ramp undergoing repairs

The handicap accessible beach access ramp at Corolla Village Rd. will be repaired and reopened for public use this summer. The ramp has been closed due to an unsafe drop-off from the end of the ramp down onto the sand. Currituck County has worked with state officials on a solution that allows for construction work while protecting the nearby dune and natural environment.

The end section will be relocated and built with an improved design in order to provide safe use of the ramp for wheelchair users and other citizens. This project is scheduled from July 10 to an expected completion in late August.

Citizens should stay out of the work zone around the ramp during this time and not allow children or pets to play in this area. The construction zone will be fenced in and work may occur from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, seven days per week.