Corolla Greenway extension now open

The newest section of the Corolla Greenway is open for recreational use by pedestrians.  This one mile addition provides much-needed connectivity from the north end of Monteray Shores to the Brindley Sports Center in Corolla Light.

The Corolla Greenway is a 6′-10′ wide concrete path that runs along NC 12.  It is a  popular site for pedestrians to walk, run, or ride bicycles while enjoying the scenery of the Outer Banks and provides a safe transportation option for citizens to utilize when visiting local destinations and the beach.  The path is ADA compliant.  This latest project was the fifth phase of the Greenway’s construction, which began in 2011.  This section had been identified as a priority by Currituck County as part of the Corolla Bike, Pedestrian, Access, and Wayfinding Plan.

Motorized vehicles such as golf carts, scooters, or mopeds are not allowed on the Greenway and bicyclists should use caution when passing walkers or runners.  Please remember to cross NC 12 at designated intersections and be cautious in areas where the Greenway is in close proximity to the road.