Compost bin sale continues throughout May

Currituck County Public Works is offering a special sale on backyard compost bins at a 50% discount through the end of May. County residents can purchase The Earth Machine compost bin online and then pick up their composter from Public Works in June.

Backyard composting converts leaves, kitchen scraps, paper and other organic materials into a valuable soil conditioner that boosts plant growth and helps the soil retain water.  Compost can be used on gardens, lawns, and houseplants.

There are many good reasons for composting and organic recycling. These practices help plants grow bigger and healthier, reduce the need to buy plant food and pesticides, replenishes the nutrients lost from soil, increase water retention and reduce erosion, reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills, and reduces costs associated with hauling waste.

Learn more about the sale and how to place your order online HERE.

If you have any questions, contact Public Works at 252-232-2504.