Census worker jobs still available

Temporary job opportunities are available for local citizens who would like to work during the 2020 United States Census process. Census workers are needed throughout the region, including in Currituck County.

Information on  Census employment opportunities for county residents is available online. These temporary positions include census takers, who help collect data from households in the local community.

The 2020 Census will allow citizens to respond in one of three ways:  online, over the phone, or by mail. There will only be 10 questions on the Census and each household is asked to participate. Greater participation can benefit Currituck County and the state of North Carolina in many ways. Census data is used to help allocate more than $675 billion from the federal government to state, county, and community programs. In addition, the state could gain additional seats in the House of Representatives based on the population figures determined by the Census.

Households will begin receiving information in mid-March on how to access the Census and provide a response. Additional reminders will be sent in late March and April. If a household doesn’t respond, Census takers will then visit homes in person with questionnaires.