Budget Highlights Include Wellness Clinic, Public Safety, Parks & More

The Currituck County budget for the fiscal year 2021-2022 was approved  by the Board of Commissioners on June 7, 2021. It contains several items that will save money for the county and provide benefits for the community. Currituck County aims to continue providing a high level of services for the public, while being good stewards of taxpayer funds through sound financial management.

Highlights of the budget include:

Wellness Clinic – Operated in partnership with Albemarle Regional Health Services, a new wellness clinic in Currituck County will employ a nurse practitioner. Located primarily at the Judicial Center, this will be a site for county employees to use for primary healthcare services. Its proximity to county offices will significantly reduce the amount of time employees are absent from work due to healthcare visits and promote better health practices by county staff. The clinic staff will also provide services in Corolla on a regular schedule.

This clinic will also be open to the public, providing an additional healthcare facility for local citizens.

Public Safety – The Currituck County Sheriff’s Office, Fire-Emergency Medical Services, 911 Communications, and Emergency Management are fully funded to maintain appropriate equipment, training, and staffing. The county is also working with the Sheriff’s Office and Fire-EMS on staff classifications to provide better career pathways for advancement. New public safety vehicles will include eight patrol vehicles and a boat for the Sheriff’s Office, one truck for Animal Control, two ambulances for Fire-EMS, one vehicle for Emergency Management, and three trucks for Inspections. The Communications Center will receive equipment upgrades for the 911 system.

Currituck has an excellent team of public safety professionals and volunteers, and this budget reaffirms the Board of Commissioners’ commitment to public safety.

Public Works Facility – The county plans to build a warehouse, with office space for Public Works staff, near the Currituck Regional Airport. This will enable the county to purchase and store certain items used by all departments (ex. paper goods) in bulk amounts to save money. The warehouse will also be used during hurricanes and other critical events to store relief supplies for the community.

Fuel Station – The fuel station for county vehicles, located at the Currituck Regional Airport, will be upgraded. A new tank will increase fuel storage capacity, which will save money through bulk purchasing and protect the county during times of fuel shortages. New fuel pumps will prevent costly maintenance shutdowns that frequently occur with the current equipment.

Cybersecurity – Currituck will continue investing in the protection of our Information Technology system. This is a critical need, as local governments nationwide face constant threats to IT security. This also enhances the safe keeping of citizens’ private information in county records.

Currituck Regional Airport – Currituck will renovate the airport terminal’s interior space with new carpeting and furniture. The airport is very popular among pilots for its low fuel prices and the facility has enjoyed an increase in visitors in recent years. This has allowed the airport to turn a profit for the county in the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Therefore, the county will invest funds back into this facility and make the airport terminal more accommodating for guests.

Utility Upgrades – Improvements to the county’s utility infrastructure will include two new wells for the water system. The county also plans to install a new booster pump to improve water flow within the southern part of the mainland water system.

County Parks – Improvements to be made at county parks and recreational facilities include replacing the playground equipment at Sound Park, replacing the roof of the picnic pavilion at Veterans Park, resurfacing the tennis courts at Moyock Middle School, and beginning design of Phase 3 expansion at Community Park. The Board of Commissioners will also attempt to purchase land in Gibbs Wood for a park site. The Currituck County Rural Center will receive 12 portable stalls for animals during events held at that facility. By using occupancy tax, the county will fund a new playground at Historic Whalehead Park and complete replacements of three beach walkovers at public access points.