Board reverses course on Corolla recycling

After receiving a significant amount of feedback from county residents and property owners, the Currituck County Board of Commissioners has reversed an earlier decision to eliminate the curbside recycling collection service provided in Corolla. Therefore, the collection of recycling materials and household trash in Corolla will continue in its current format.

Currituck County previously announced that Corolla’s curbside collection service would only include household trash after April 4, 2021.  The plan included placing self-serve recycling containers at the Pine Island Fire Station for Corolla residents to dispose of recyclable goods on their own. Reasons for this proposed change included the increasing costs for Currituck County, the lack of a robust recycling market to accept materials, and the rising number of times Currituck County has recycling containers rejected due to the presence of household trash in the container. This happens very frequently in Corolla during the summer tourist season. Each container rejected adds to the cost of solid waste disposal for the county.

Since announcing the original decision in February, the Board of Commissioners heard from many citizens of Corolla who supported the idea of maintaining the curbside recycling service. Many supported paying a higher solid waste fee to the county for the convenience of curbside recycling. Therefore, the Board has decided to continue its contract with Bay Disposal for the curbside collection of trash and recycling.  As a result, residents and property owners in Corolla will see a small increase in their solid waste bills.

Anyone with questions regarding their curbside trash and recycling collection in Corolla may contact the Currituck County Public Works Department at 252-232-2504.