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What You Should Know About Your Health Plan
  • Accredo, A Cigna Specialty Pharmacy

    NOTE: As of July 1, 2021 Specialty Medications are REQUIRED to be filled at Accredo – Cigna Specialty Pharmacy

    Specialty medications are used to treat rare and complex conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Like the conditions, these medications are also complex and require close supervision and adherence to treatment to help achieve the best health outcomes.

    Cigna feels giving customers the best start with their first fill of specialty medications with Accredo means immediate access to specialized nurses and pharmacists, earlier opportunities for coaching, and no disruption on the second fill. This support from the very first fill can help lower costs and improve outcomes – and provide an overall better customer experience.

    Accredo offers Cigna customers a variety of benefits to help manage complex conditions:

    • Financial assistance
    • One-on-one, proactive expert support and guidance
    • Depression risk screening
    • Personalized refill outreach
    • Prior authorization (PA) assistance and adherence monitoring
    • Accredo has direct consultation with doctor
    • Medication sent directly to customer

    To learn more about how Cigna’s specialty pharmacy solutions can help you get the best start, please contact your Cigna personal guide.

    Check out Cigna’s FlyerGiving Our Customers Our Best Start With Accredo, A Cigna  Specialty Pharmacy – for more information.

    Phone: 877-826-7657

  • Contact a Cigna Representative with Cigna One Guide Team

    Let’s face it, understanding and using your health plan isn’t always easy. Well, not to worry. Your Cigna One Guide team is ready and waiting to help. It’s our highest level of personal support available.

    Click, Call or Chat with

    Your Cigna One Guide team can help you:

    • Understand your plan
      • How your coverage works
      • Answer health care or plan questions
    • Get Care
      • Find in-network heat care provider, lab or urgent care center
      • Connect with health coaches, pharmacist and more
      • One-on-one support connection
    • Save and Earn
      • Cost estimates
      • Incentives program

    Check out Cigna’s flyer – Enjoy Easier Service – Now that Cigna One Guide team is by your side – for more information.

  • SaveonSP - Save on Select Specialty Medications

    Specialty medications can cost a lot of money. That’s why your plan offers a program called SaveonSP, which can help lower your out-of-pocket costs to $0. And there’s no extra cost to participate.

    Certain specialty medications are eligible for the SaveonSP program.  If you’re filling an eligible medication, a representative from SaveonSP will call you to talk about enrolling in the program.

    If you choose to participate, you’ll pay $0 for your medication. If you choose not to participate in SaveonSP, you’ll pay a higher copay when you fill your medication.

    Conditions supported by SaveonSP include, but are not limited to:

    • Hepatitis C
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Psoriasis
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Oncology

    Check out Cigna’s Flyer – Pay $0 for Select Specialty Medications for more information.

  • Preventive Generic Medications

    Your plan covers many generic preventive medications at no cost-share ($0) to you. These medications are used to prevent many conditions that can affect your long-term health.

    Conditions with preventive generic medications available at no additional cost to you are:

    • Asthma
    • Depression
    • Diabetes
    • Heart attack
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Osteoporosis
    • Prenatal nutrient deficiency
    • Stroke

    Ask your doctor if a generic medication may be right for you.

    To find out which preventive generic medications are available to you at no cost-share, log in to the myCigna app or website. If your doctor agrees, ask for a new prescription.

    Check out Cigna’s Flyer – Preventive Generic Medications for more information.

  • Preventive Health Care

    Preventive care is a specific group of services recommended when you don’t have any symptoms and haven’t been diagnosed with a related health issue. It includes your periodic wellness exam (check-up) and specific tests, certain health screenings, and most immunizations. Most of these services typically can take place during the same visit.

    You and your health care provider will decide what preventive services are right for you, based on your:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Personal health history
    • Current health

    Preventive care can help you detect problems at early stages, when they may be easier to treat. It can also help you prevent certain illnesses and health conditions from happening. Even though you may feel fine, getting your preventive care at the right time can help you take control of your health.

    Our plan covers preventive care at no additional cost to you when you use a health care provider in your plan’s network. Use the provider directory on for a list of in-network health care providers and facilities.

    Check out Cigna’s Flyer – Preventive Health Care – Understanding what’s covered  for more information.

    Still have some questions about preventive care, Cigna has a Wellness FAQ’s flyer with more information.

  • Omada Program

    Omada is a digital lifestyle change program designed to help you lose weight, gain energy, and reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

    The program surrounds you with the tools and support you need to make lasting, meaningful changes to the way you eat, move, sleep, and manage stress—one small step at a time.

    Get started today when you visit Omada for Cigna to see if you are eligible.

    Check out Cigna’s Flyer – Build Healthy Habits That Last with OMADA – for more information.

  • Virtual Health Care

    Life is demanding. It’s hard to find time to take care of yourself and your family members as it is, never mind when one of you isn’t feeling well. That’s why your health plan through Cigna includes access to minor medical and behavioral/mental health virtual care.

    Whether it’s late at night and your doctor or therapist isn’t available or you just don’t have the time or energy to leave the house, you can:

    • Access care from anywhere via video or phone.
    • Get minor medical virtual care 24/7/365 – even on weekends and holidays.
    • Schedule a behavioral/mental health virtual care appointment online in minutes.
    • Connect with quality board-certified doctors and pediatricians as well as licensed counselors and psychiatrists.
    • Have a prescription sent directly to your local pharmacy,
      if appropriate.

    Connect with virtual care your way.

    • Contact your in-network provider or counselor
    • Talk to an MDLIVE medical provider on demand on
    • Schedule an appointment with an MDLIVE provider or licensed therapist on
    • Call MDLIVE 24/7 at 888-726-3171

    Check out Cigna’s Flyer – When Leaving the House is Easier Said Than Done for more information.

Questions & Answers
  1. Will my prescription be safe when filled with Accredo?
    It’s very safe to fill your medication through Accredo.  Accredo will ship your order by UPS or FedEx, and the packaging is designed to protect your privacy and stand up to bad weather.  If your medication needs refrigeration, Accredo provides that, too.  They’ll ship to your home or workplace – or even to a vacation location – to make sure you get your medication when and where you need it.
  2. What is the website to use for my Flexible Spending Account with BeneFlex?
  3. For the Flexible Spending Account debit cards, are all cards in the Employee’s name?
    Yes, all debit cards will be issued in the employee’s name (not the spouse’s name).
  4. If I also have Tricare or VA Benefits, would I be eligible to participate in the SaveOnSp (Save on Specialty Medications) program?
    No, if you also have insurance with Tricare or VA Benefits, you are not eligible to participate in the SaveOnSp copay assistance program..
  5. What is the phone number for a doctors office to send a prescription to Accredo?
    Doctors may call Accredo at 877-826-7657, Monday – Friday  7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  or Saturday 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST).