Elections Archives & Data

All campaign reports are filed according to a specific schedule set forth by the North Carolina General Statutes concerning these financial disclosures. The type of reports and the Elections office where reports are filed depends upon the office sought or type of political action committee (PAC) involved. All county offices file their reports at the Currituck County Board of Elections.

Past Elections

North Carolina State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement has election results prior to 2002.

Voter Registration Statistics

Voter Registration Statistics by precinct.

Updated October 4, 2021

Table Abbreviation

DEM = Democratic
REP = Republication
LIB = Libertarian
GRE = Green
CST = Constitution
UNA = Unaffiliated
Rfm = Reform

Black =  Black
White = White
AM.  IND. =  American Indian
Asian = Asian
Multi Race = Multi Race
Other = Other
Pacific Isl = Pacific Island
Undesign = Undesignated
Female = Female
Male = Male
Undesign = Undesignated

PrecinctTotal Voters DemRepLibGreCstUnaRfmBlackWhiteAm. Ind.AsianMulti RaceOtherPacific IslUndesigFemaleMaleUndesig
Carova Beach2554581500124002421012091211295
Churchs Island2874211900012601269000101614712515
Gibbs Woods308471425001140229700110715414410
Indian Ridge1,288239525130051101251,0774162205364159750
Knotts Island1,059135474800442001,0001326047523492

Poplar Branch3,8407391,39720001,68401493,326109175002791,8591,734247
Powells Point1,76037663717007300801,531336170120842802116
Grand Total:21,2103,3588,877204008,77101,06718,52744657530821,12410,3359,8381,037