Currituck County’s annual budget process takes several months of planning and evaluation before it is adopted by the Board of Commissioners in June. The purpose of this processes is to prepare a financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year. The plan should be consistent with, and a reference for, the goals and objectives of the County Commissioners.

The budget document is the annual financial plan for County operations during the fiscal period commencing July 1st and ending June 30th. The County compiles biannual budget information. The first budget year is referred to as the proposed year while the second year is referred to as the projected year. In the initial year, the County Commissioners will adopt an annual budget ordinance based on the proposed year and in the second year, after allowing for minor economic adjustments, will adopt an annual budget ordinance based on the projected year.

2017-2018 County of Currituck Annual Operating Budget and Tourism Development Authority Operating Budget

Adopted Budget at the Monday, June 5, 2017 Board of Commissioners meeting effective July 1, 2017.

The full budget document is available for public review at the

County Manager’s Office
153 Courthouse Road
Currituck, North Carolina 27929