Many strays coming into Currituck Animal Shelter each week. If you have lost your cat or dog please take a close look at what we have here.

Currituck County Animal shelter will hold strays for 5 (five) days. To reclaim an animal, you must present to the staff:

  • proof of ownership
  • current rabies certificate
  • photo identification

Proof of ownership could consist of the pets veterinarian records.

If you cannot show a current rabies certificate, county staff can vaccinate your pet for an extra $10. .

A reclaim fee of $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) plus $10.00 (ten dollars) a day boarding fee for a first offense.

Stray Cats


Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Spayed/Neutered: Unknown
Breed: Mixed Domestic Shorthair
Pattern: Tuxedo
Color: Black & White
Arrived: February 19, 2020
Location Found: Little Joe’s Road,  Barco, North Carolina

Age: Adult

Sex: Unknown

Spayed/Neutered: Unknown

Size: Large

Breed: Mixed Domestic Shorthair

Pattern: Tuxedo

Color: Orange & White

Arrived: February 27, 2020

Location Found: Little Joes Lane, Barco, North Carolina